To allow you to allocate the lodging , here is the capacity and location of each facility:

Suite #1 ( garden suite-handicap accessible on ground floor) -1 king bed, 1-twin bed with trundle underneath, 1-single sofa bed, sleeps up to 5.

Suite #2 ( honeymoon suite, 1.5 flights of stairs )-1 king bed, 1- queen sofa bed, sleeps up to 4.

Suite #3 (bay side suite , 1 flight of stairs )-1 queen bed, 1-twin sofa bed, sleeps up to 3.

Suite #4 ( Mallard bay suite, 1 flight of stairs)-1 queen bed, 1-twin sofa bed, sleeps up to 3.

Suite #5 ( serenity suite, 1-flight of stairs)- 1 queen bed , 1-child size futon, sleeps up to 3.

Note: there is an adjoining door between suite #4 & #5.

Suite #6 (Hawaiian suite-2 flights of stairs)-1 king bed, 1-queen sofa bed, sleeps up to 4.

Suite #7 ( sunset suite-2 flights of stairs)-1 king bed, 1-queen sofa bed, sleeps up to 4.

Cottage on the lake (ground level)- 1 queen bed in front bedroom, 1-bunk bed in back bedroom ( double on the bottom, single on top)- 1-queen sofa bed, sleeps up to 7.( 1 bathroom)

Accessible cottage ( ground level)- 1-king bed, 1-queen bed, 1-queen sofa bed , sleeps up to 6.( 2 bathrooms)

Blue roof cottage ( ground level)- 1 queen bed and 1-bunk bed ( queen on bottom & single on top) in the large bedroom, 1-queen bed in 2nd bedroom, 1-queen sofa bed, sleeps up to 9.( 2 bathrooms)

Waterfront Chalet 1 (ground level)-2 queen bedrooms and 1-queen bed Murphy bed in the living room, sleeps up to 6. (1 bathroom) Waterfront chalet 2nd Waterfront Chalet 2nd floor- 2 queen bedrooms and a queen sofa bed, sleeps up to 7 ( 2 bathrooms), availability is dependent on the dates you choose.

Pricing for the suites is based on double occupancy, extra guests in the suite= $20.00/night ages 12 & over, $10.00/night ages 5 -11, no charge ages 4 & under. Includes all guests for breakfast and use of all facilities.

Pricing for the cottages is based on up to the maximum amount noted. If the guests in the cottages would like to join in the breakfast, add $7.00/person.

The cost per weekend night (Friday or Saturday) between Memorial day weekend & Labor day weekend in 2024 ( including 12% tax) is:

Suite #1-3-4-5=$229.60 each, Suite #2=$302.40, Suite #6 &7 =$268.80/each.

Cottage on the lake=$358.40, accessible cottage=$380.80, blue roof cottage and waterfront chalet=$397.60. 


Dodge Family Reunion – 2018

The Lighthouse Lodge B & B on Lake Shafer-Monticello, IN

Here is an A-Z list of almost everything you need to know about the upcoming reunion. To say we are looking forward to this chance for the Dodge family to get together would be a huge understatement. The days are flying by. While the week will be hectic at times, PLEASE take the time to cherish the moments we will spend with each other. It will be memories that will last a life time. Enough preaching, here we go:


The beach is not huge, but it is MUCH nice and larger than the one at Clear Lake, if you could call the beach at Clear Lake a beach. The water is shallow and sandy near the shore and will be perfect for all the kids, both young and old.


There is are two boat/jet ski rentals nearby if that is something that interests you.


Near the beach is a fire pit. This will be a great gathering spot in the evening to chat and swap stories.


The first night is going to consist of getting to the rooms and cottages, getting settled, becoming familiar with the surroundings, etc. Jimmy O's Restaurant and Lounge will be preparing pizzas for us. We will take care of the pop, chips, etc. as well. Just relax and enjoy some REALLY good pizza!


This is the most important part of the reunion! If you are a golfer, make sure to bring your clubs. The Tippecanoe Country Club is 5 minutes away. Cindy and I played there last summer. We will be planning a four-person scramble competition one day, so be prepared for some friendly competition as well as a healthy dose of trash talking. If you are planning on playing, please let Dennis know, so we can get enough tee times. This course has several holes that are REALLY nice, a few that are OK and a few that are "what the heck were they thinking!"


You will owe The Lighthouse Lodge the remaining 50% upon arrival. The cottages and rooms are different amounts so you can contact The Lighthouse Lodge or me if you don't remember the remaining balance.


While this is not Cedar Point or Disney World, this is quaint old amusement park, with roller coasters (6) and other rides. It is another option for things to do. The Park is located about 6 minutes away from the Lighthouse Lodge.


June will be here before you know it.


The Dodge family has changed a LOT over the years. There will be a plethora of young ones who are going to be getting together as a group. We hope you realize how special this time together is going to be because of these additions to our family. We have added new members to our family since the last reunion (and another on the way!). We gather together as Great-grandparents, Grandparents, Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces, In-laws, etc. Let's make sure the next generation goes away with some great memories that they will share with each other for many years to come.


Between the Lodge and the lake there is a large grassy area that will be a gathering place for the large group activities. It is shaded. This section of lawn is a huge plus. It is perfect for a place to sit, watch the young ones play, and just enjoy each other's company.


Breakfast: Bonnie Triplett will be cooking breakfast each day for us. (Bonnie owned a restaurant in Chicago for many years and owns The Lighthouse Lodge along with her husband Michael.) Breakfast is served at 9:00 each morning. The breakfast she made for Cindy and me (when we were there last fall) was incredible. If you are staying in one of the cottages, Jordan will be asking you each day if you are planning on attending breakfast so Bonnie knows approximately how many to plan for in addition to those staying in the Lodge.

Lunch: Lunch will be on your own. We have four kitchens in the cottages, so we can store food there, such as lunch meat, cheese, bread, chips, etc.

Dinner: Sunday-Pizza (see FIRST NIGHT'S MEAL)

Monday-Taco Bar prepared by Bonnie Triplett

Tuesday-Italian Night prepared by Bonnie Triplett

Wednesday-Grill Masters Andrew and Brian will be preparing dinner


Monticello is about 8.7 miles away. There are grocery stores, ice cream parlor, bowling alley, small movie theatre, a drive-in movie theatre, drugstores, several restaurants, etc. It has basically anything we might need about 13 minutes away.


In our next correspondence, we will include a list of the things that you should bring or might want to bring.


There are going to be 36 members of the Dodge family spending a week together. Not everything will go according to plan. In fact, we will celebrate if something really does go as planned!! There are going to be great-grandparents, 3-year old's and every age in between. Being flexible and open to change are going to be qualities that everyone is going to have to have.


Mike and Bonnie Triplett are the owners of The Lighthouse Lodge. They are great people to work with and are very gracious hosts. If you get the opportunity, take a moment and chat with them. They have had an interesting life journey, including the history of how the Lighthouse Lodge came to be and its progression to what it is today.

QUESTIONS ????????????

Let's take care of any questions before we have before we head to Indiana if it's at all possible. If you have a question, please let us know so we can answer or get an answer to your concern.


There aren't plans for any organized activities. The plan is to just let what happens happen. We'll just go with the flow. Our idea is just to get together to have a great time enjoying each other's company.


The Clear Lake Resort was a resort in title only. The Lighthouse Lodge B & B on Lake Shafer is quite the opposite. The rooms and cottages are very nice and well maintained. The grounds, beach and swimming area are much larger than Clear Lake and MUCH nicer. After having visited there, Cindy and I are REALLY excited to have you share this experience with us. We know you will come away impressed.


There is some shopping both in Monticello and nearby.


A word used to describe a man married to a Dodge woman. This has nothing to do with the reunion. We just wanted to see if you would read all the way to the end!


The Lighthouse Lodge (and cottages) are located on a peninsula on Lake Shafer. It is a quiet, narrow but long lake. It is a very peaceful and picturesque place to relax and spend time together.


Each family will pay for their room in the Lodge or cottage. Again, you should owe 50% of the total (after your 50% deposit).

The only other costs should be snacks, lunch items, golf, spending money and the ever-popular adult beverages! Tabbatha and Kristin are already planning pudding shots!

If interested, we can go together and rent pontoon boats and/or jet skis for a day or two.


Sleep=something there probably won't be a lot of with adult companionship late into the night and all the kids arising early! Although, I think after a couple of days the kids will be whipped from the water and sun. (yeah right!!!)

Thanks for your understanding, support, and patience as we continue to put this outing together.

Dennis and Cindy